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Anyone would have to start with some of the basics of SEO to become an expert. Some of the things to consider before you start are What is SEO? and How can it impact the business you’re trying to establish?

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SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization", a term mentioned by marketing advertisement agencies that refer to the work you can do to make it easier for people to find your website online.

How SEO Works?

When someone types in a certain "word" or "phrase" into a search engine, we call them keywords or key phrases they get back an extensive list of results, thousands in fact. So, what happens when a website shows up on page 10? Well, when's the last you clicked on page 10, what about page 3? Most users never click past the first page of results. If they don't find what they're looking for they just start from scratch with a new search rather than clicking through endless result pages, that's why it is crucial for you to appear toward the top of the list.

What Happens Next In SEO?

Now on the search results page, people can click on two kinds of Links, Paid Ads and Organic Results.

SEO & Google Paid Marketing

Paid Ads are just what they sound like, results that the company has paid Google to appear when a specific keyword or phrase has been searched. Organic results, on the other hand, show up naturally based on their relevance to the phrase or keyword that was searched.

Curious About SEO & Paid Marketing?

If you're curious which of these most people click on. Organic wins 94% of the time as 7/10 people will click on one of the first three results. This means you should really care about your ranking on organic search results. That's a ton of extremely targeted relevant traffic you could be getting on your site based on the keywords you choose, all potential customers, readers, subscribers, you name it, coming to you.

This is why SEO matters. Google and all other major search engines for that matter have created extremely sophisticated algorithms to determine where on the search results page your site appears and you want to do everything you can to boost that ranking.

ESS' Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

To optimize your search results try considering a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in SEO based in Dubai that will get the results you require. Good SEO doesn't happen overnight, it takes time but the sooner you start the sooner you'll start climbing up the results ladder.

How Can SEO Escalate Your Business Exponentially?

Well, now you have a basic idea of what SEO is and how it functions. Now let us demonstrate how a big of an impact SEO can have on growing your business.
When you start running the numbers it gets pretty easy to see why SEO is such a big deal other traditional marketing efforts like Newspaper Ads, Commercials for TV or radio, they just pale in comparison. Not only are they really expensive they just don't target your potential customers nearly as well. SEO, on the other hand, lets you just concentrate your efforts on exactly the people you’d want to visit your website. As a business owner, the real question is how many of those visitors can you expect to turn into customers.

Why Should You Choose A Digital Marketing Agency?

So it all comes down to why you should choose an SEO based Digital Marketing Agency, as your company’s online marketing provider in UAE.

Well, whether you wish to expand your business across the Nation or even worldwide, you'll need to be found by as many prospective clients as possible. Which means putting your brand right in front of the people who are already looking for what you’ve got to offer. In the era of Internet and Social Media, this means being on top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) and the key to dominating SERPs is working with an SEO services provider in UAE,

ESS - Leading SEO Agency Dubai

Expert System Solution (ESS) is one of the leading web solutions services providers in UAE. Ever since our founding in 2010, ESS has continually innovated and developed new ways to execute our mission: to empower the people to fully harness the web. We integrate several Best in Class SEO solutions to drive tons of great visitors to your website and provide a comprehensive set of tools to thousands of users all over the world so anyone, beginner or pro, can get on the web and thrive.

Unbeatable SEO services in Dubai

Now, getting towards the top of the pile isn't easy and it definitely doesn't happen overnight but good SEO specialists can help you improve your page rank over time. Here at ESS we offer unbeatable SEO services in Dubai and all over the globe. Our Team’s customer satisfaction rate is exceptionally high and Our services give you an access to your very own project manager who will consult with you on what SEO terms will most help your business and they give you weekly page rank reports, co-ordinate all the On-site and off-site work needed.

You won't find this level of service anywhere.

Now there are a lot of Professional SEO agencies in Dubai but unfortunately, some tend to be a little shady. The SEO services provided by Expert System Solution ESS for short, an Official premier Google Partner, IT Company, providing you with actual results. SEO Companies in Dubai, UAE can be rather helpful to firms of various industries to create a strong visibility on Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


  • Guaranteed Ranking Position
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  • Fail-safe Growth in Conversion/ leads
  • Increase in ROIs
  • Minimal Bounce rate
  • Ethical tools and methods
  • On-page & Off-page Optimization
  • Page Rank monitoring
  • Google Penguin Principles
  • Google Panda Policies
  • Google Hummingbird Regulations
  • Scheduled Routine Reports

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