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Whatsapp Marketing

Mobile Marketing & Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing & mobile marketing in Dubai, UAE is a unique service provided by Expert System Solution. WhatsApp has become one of the most important personal messaging tool. Individuals give highest priority to messages delivered through this platform. It is basically one of the direct marketing tool.

WhatsApp Marketing in UAE can be the best tool to reach masses of all complexions. We also create highly impactful graphics that has an appeal to all cross-sections of the society. In a highly dynamic cosmopolitan in Dubai, UAE, we keep our databases updated on a regular basis that are segregated bases on industry, age, gender, nationality, area and specific likes or attending special events. This kind of segregated database can be useful to reach correct target audience with pertinent message. The highly advanced system also segregates list of phone numbers with or without WhatsApp accounts which saves the effort and cost making the tool highly precise. WhatsApp messages in Dubai, UAE can be send instantly or can be scheduled for later.

In Dubai, while email marketing and SMS marketing are also popular, WhatsApp marketing is occupying the space of direct marketing.

Whatsapp For Business

WhatsApp Marketing in Dubai, UAE is also appended by appropriate delivery reports. The scheduled messages, delivered messages, success rate, etc. can be seen through a panel in a very transparent manner.


  • WhatsApp account check
  • Segregated database
  • Elegant flyer design
  • Personal database upload
  • Precise delivery reports
  • Message Scheduling
  • 1MB image attachment
  • 2MB Video attachment
  • 1 MB Audio attachment
  • your Google Map Location


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